Our Business

What We Do

With credentials of proven catalytic nature, we service the needs of the most demanding business environment with full understanding of International Business from Manufacturing to Retail.

  • Value creation through Management
  • Price challenging & Global tendering projects
  • Personal Accountability of the stake holders
  • Bridge Gaps between Customer and Factory
  • Systems Management a key to success
  • Business Development and not invention
  • Create Beneficial Partnership

Key Points -
  • GBSL will undertake the task of end to end sourcing for your business
  • GBSL will be the extension arm of your Design, Buying, Merchandising, shipping and Quality Assurances teams
  • GBSL takes on your responsibilities to coordinate product from Design Development, Sampling, Pricing, Orders to Production, Quality and Shipments

Domain of Operation -

Product Categories Materials COUNTRIES
Lighting Metal Vietnam
Kitchen & Dining Wood Indonesia
Home Accessories Resin China
Gift & D├ęcor Ceramic India
Furniture Glass Bangladesh
Bed & Bath Plastic (All Types) Sri Lanka
Candle & Candle Accessories Wicker/Rattan Philippines
Wall Art & Painting Melamine Malaysia
Hardware Paper Thailand
Stationery & General Merchandise    

Our Suppliers

GBSL has a strong network of vendors all over Asia, especially in Indonesia, China, India & Vietnam.

We are always on the lookout for new manufacturing partners to provide their manufacturing expertise. To find out more about becoming an GBSL partner and gaining access to international customers, contact us today!

Manufacturing Capabilities

Design Capability

Formal Accreditations Technical Evaluation & Compliance

Quality & Delivery Security

A network of 400 reliable factories and vendors supporting GBSL Business vision.


We Understand Just How Important Quality Control And Assurance Are For Our Customers. We Ensure That Quality Levels Are Maintained At Every Stage Of The Production Process And That The Goods Shipped Meet.

  • All orders being monitored and checked throughout the process from preproduction to shipment.
  • Creating and monitoring critical paths to help ensure that orders are completed and shipped on the required dates.
  • An experienced QA team including own Quality Assurance Inspectors permanently based closely to all vendors.
  • An excellent understanding of all testing standards.

Our Group Customers